New Dock in 2022

New Dock in 2022

Submitted by Jason Bunnell on April 11, 2022

We have a few popular hotel amenities.  The dock, 2 firepits, a pool, and one of the best restaurants in the Finger Lakes.  One of the great things about being on the lake is, well, being on the lake.  It is a great place to enjoy a good book, get some sun, do a little fishing, or tie off your boat to grab some dinner.  Our dock gets a lot of traffic and the mighty Seneca has thrown almost a decade of rough waters her way.  So we decided to give our beloved dock a much needed update.


Construction Update and Timeline

The update construction began near the end of March.  The crew is moving right along and has driven all the piers in and now is working on removing the old piers and putting down the lumber.  By the way, if you think oil prices are high, just be glad your car does not run on pressure treated lumber.  Ouch.  The crew is just at the halfway point.  All the piers are now in and they are almost halfway done with the deck.  Removing the old piers are proving a bit difficult as they had been driven about 8 feet deep.  We are hoping to have the whole project wrapped up near the end of April or early May depending on the weather.  The lumber is being attached with screws and the pier driving is done, so no loud work is left.

Hotel Amenities

Be sure to see our other hotel amenities.  We are always looking to make Plum Point the best spot on Seneca Lake.  Last year we updated the pool area surface and added an electric car charger.  Let us know if you have any ideas for future projects or hotel amenities we might consider.  My vote is for a tiki bar on the new dock.  Or maybe replacing the gazebo by the lake with a pavilion large enough for events.

We hope to see you come visit to see our new dock.  Let us know if you have any questions about this project or anything else.  See you soon!




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