Plum Point Lodge on Seneca and our restaurant Sapalta will seek as best they can to comply with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990, as amended, including the regulations promulgated thereunder. Due to the nature of the property, as well as its age and history, accommodation of certain disabilities is impracticable or cost prohibitive. Nevertheless, we are committed to an on-going process of reviewing accessibility requirements and standards, and minimizing where feasible the difficulties our disabled patrons may encounter while visiting our website, the Lodge and/or our restaurant. We invite inquiry regarding these matters and will continue to work towards accessibility in all facets of our public engagement. 

What We’ve Done:

The following is a list of things we’ve done that we think reflects our commitment to and consideration of disabled patrons:

  • Completed an extensive internal review of ADA requirements and standards;
  • Completed the ADA Accessibility Checklist for Existing Facilities Title III;
  • Completed the ADA Website Accessibility Checklist Title II;
  • Completed a professional review of our website for accessibility;
  •  Established an ADA resource list for inclusion in our employee manual
  • Established annual ADA training for staff, with a mid-season review;
  • Purchased two portable wheelchair ramps to improve access to a variety of rooms and amenities;
  • Completed two new public space bathrooms that are 2010 ADA compliant, including signage.
  • Improved accessibility to four of 24 renovated guest rooms through increased entry door frame size and room layout;
  • Improved accessibility by removal of all bathtubs in favor of double-sized shower stalls;
  • Purchased shower stall seats for use upon request;
  • Upgraded all applicable signage on the property to ADA compliant versions;
  • Rebuilt, for grade and width, wheelchair ramp accessing historic restaurant kitchen and employee entrance;
  • Installed a new wheelchair accessible ramp for access to and from our public dining room;
  • Replaced walkways on the property to provide wider, smoother access to various areas;
  • Purchased and installed taller, wider toilets throughout the property;
  • Developed a dining room layout with the flexibility to improve access and maneuverability;
  • Relocated our fire-pit amenity to a paved, smooth environment to improve accessibility;
  • Improved parking areas by increasing - widened and clearly marked;
  • Improved lighting property wide;
  • Installed ADA compliant bathroom signs property-wide;
  • Removed black walnut trees to reduce trip hazards on public walks and parking areas;
  • Identify and paint with high visibility, reflective paint any potential trip hazards property wide;
  • Establish that all potential services, amenities, reservations are available via the web or TTY;
  • Trained staff with TTY phone services;
  • Established statement on our website inviting all forms of inquiry regardless of ability;
  • Provide large print menus available on request; and
  • Established a protocol to maintain a clear documentation trail of ADA related comments/concerns brought to any member of the Plum Point Lodge staff by guests or concerned parties.


Our Continuing Efforts:

Below is a developing list of things that Plum Point Lodge and SAPALTA will be doing in our on-going effort to improve accessibility to our physical property as well as our electronic presence to the public.

  • Review annually the ADA checklist and updates;
  • Review annually current trends and developments relating to public accessibility;
  • Review annually our employee manual and training schedule;
  • Reviews of customer feedback relating to Plum Point Lodge accessibility;
  • Regular 3rd party reviews of our website for accessibility by the disabled;
  • Maintenance of ADA signage, special property markings, etc.; and
  • Consideration of ADA requirements in relation to future capital improvements.

Where action is indicated and reasonably feasible, we will do our best to make corrections.