Plum Point Lodge

3482 Plum Point Road S Himrod, NY 14842

From North (Geneva)

You can access Route 14 from New York State Thruway at Exit 42.  Take a right on Route 14 after the tollbooth to go South.  Continue on Route 14 for about 34 miles going through Geneva and Dresden.  You will pass a large Plum Point Lodge sign, which is at Rapalee Road (the northern-most of the 3 roads that can be used to access the hotel), but we recommend you continue on to the second left-hand turn at Plum Point Circle (about 900 yards from Rabalee).  That road is marked shortly before the turn by a small state sign on your right.  Drive down Plum Point Circle to a T at the lake and we are at your immediate right.

Arriving from the South (Watkins Glen)

Route 14 runs from the Pennsylvania state line all the way to the 3 turnoffs mentioned above.  About 15 miles north of Watkins Glen, you will come to Hall Road, which is the southern most of the 3 roads.  We recommend taking the next right-hand turn to the north (about 600 yards) onto Plum Point Circle to best access the Lodge.

Plum Piont Lodge

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